Finding Inspiration

Finding time and motivation to exercise isn’t easy. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it and, based on current obesity stats, everyone isn’t doing it. I’m lucky to be blessed with a natural desire to stay active. I’m pretty self-motivated when it comes to fitness. But, even with my love of staying active, there are times when I just don’t want to get off the couch.

Last weekend was one of those times. My family took a trip to Pennsylvania to visit relatives for Easter. I’m currently training for the Governor’s Cup 1/2 Marathon so I knew I had a long run planned for that weekend. 7 miles. Running while on vacation almost always qualifies as a time I’d rather sit on the couch. The morning I planned to do my long run was cold (about 23 degrees F) and my mother-in-laws house isn’t ideal for running as she lives by a major roadway with lots of big trucks. So, my husband drove me to the Ghost Town Trail nearby so that I could get my long run on. Leaving the warmth of his truck was painful but I managed to do it. And I’m so glad I did because the inspiration was real.

The trail is an old railroad track that’s been converted to a walking/biking trail.  Apart from feeling like the trail was uphill both ways, it proved to have some seriously beautiful scenery. Moss covered rocks, bridges over babbling brooks, a peaceful river, picturesque trees and cute wildlife. I’m used to running through neighborhoods and on sidewalks so this was a special treat. I quickly forgot how cold I was and truly enjoyed the environment around me. The 7 miles flew by and I felt great the rest of the day because I chose to get off the couch and do something to improve my health.




My point is that choosing health isn’t always easy or comfortable but is always worth it in the end. Motivation can come in so many different forms. Support from loved ones, inner strength or inspiring locations. The key is to find what motivates you. To find what makes you get off the couch. I believe that there is a physical activity out there for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding it and sticking with it.

What inspires you to get off the couch?

Until next time…

Stay Healthy,