Strawberry Farm Fun

I’m so grateful for the experience that my family had picking our own strawberries this past weekend.

My kids had the most wonderful time at Cottle Strawberry Farm! Big G was amazed at how many strawberries their were and I could see the joy in his eyes as he filled his big bucket with ripe strawberries. It was fun to teach him which strawberries were ready to be picked and which needed more time to ripen. That’s not something that he could learn from the grocery store. Big G has always had a burning interest in food and actually knows quite a lot about it for a 3 year old. But the farm was a new level of understanding that I could tell was exciting for him.


Big G on the farm. Look at that smile!

Little G didn’t get quite the same impact from the farm. He mostly got covered in mud and strawberries. But he had fun sampling the fruit and did a pretty good job picking the berries, too. He unfortunately discovered what falling into a giant muddy puddle feels like. And even more unfortunately…I don’t think he hated it.


Little G before the muddy puddle incident.

Most of the strawberries we picked have been frozen to make future smoothies. We go through a ton of fresh and frozen fruit in our house for smoothies and snacking so these strawberries will definitely not go to waste. The best part of the experience is that Big G has started asking where different foods come from. Do oranges grown on trees or in the garden? or Where does milk come from? It’s helped him realize that food doesn’t magically appear in the grocery store where we pick from an endless supply of everything he likes.

This will most certainly be a tradition that we add to our family in years to come.

Stay Healthy,